Where Shoes Are Made

Where Shoes Are Made

Where Shoes Are Made

The basic, traditional design of shoes has not changed, they are still made on machines with a minimal assembly by hand. People who makes shoes are called “shoemaker” or “cordwainer.” The cordwainer name was used to describe the 12th century shoemakers who used Cordovan or cordwain leather to make all of their shoes.

Where Footwear Is Made

Shoes are a globally made footwear with countries like the following, producing shoes by the thousands and the millions. In the query about where are shoes being made, fashion designers and larger brand name shoe producers, use third world countries to make their shoe products. However, shoes are made throughout a majority of the four Hemispheres.

Largest Shoemaker Countries:

  • Australia → Brazil
  • Canada → China
  • Czech Republic → Finland
  • France → France
  • Germany → Hungary
  • India → Indonesia
  • Iran → Italy
  • Japan → London
  • Netherlands → Nigeria
  • Pakistan → Portugal
  • South America → Spain
  • Sweden → Taiwan
  • UK → USA → Vietnam

It seems that modern day shoes are made for style first rather than for comfort. No matter how shoes are embellished, their structure or anatomy, actually remains the same: toe cap, welt, outsole, heel, quarter, insole, tongue, the upper and lower.

The Top of The Shoe

The “upper” part of a shoe, are all the parts that are above the sole. They are made using stitches or moulds, where the insole and outsole sections are attached. The upper section of the shoe contains the “vamp” or the front of the shoe, the “quarters” which are the sides and back, then the “linings.” Of course, there is also the “heel” which is at the rear of the shoe and is available in various heights. Also, the “welt” which is a strip of material that enjoins the upper to the sole.

Make Shoes At Home

Other locations on where are shoes being made, includes right in the comfort of your own home. There are written step by step instructions on how to construct a shoe, as well as more detailed instruction videos on the Internet and on many retail store shelves. For DIY shoes, people just need to gather together the type of shoe material that they want, various tools, and in some cases a sewing machine for punching through tough materials like leather.

Non profit Shoe Makers

Other sources for making shoes comes from individual thinkers and designers like Kenton Lee, who makes shoes for third world kids. The shoes are designed to keep footwear on the feet of kids who normally would not have anything on their feet and which can keep them safe from soil-transmitted parasites and diseases. These innovative shoes are designed to grow as the kid’s feet grows. His collaboration with Gary Pitman, a footwear designer for two of the largest sportwear companies, they have created sandals that consists of a simple system of buckles and buttons that can be adjusted in length and width, to the feet.

3d Printing Shoes

Even more interesting, are the innovation of 3D printers that can make everything, even shoes. 3D printed shoes can be customized to fit all foot sizes, even if the left foot and the right foot are different from each other. When you can’t find shoes that fit both your feet perfectly, just go ahead and print them out!

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