What Shoes Should You Where On A Date

What Shoes Should You Where On A Date

What Shoes Should You Where On A Date

Choosing the right outfit and shoes for a night out can be a daunting task. Do you know what shoes are appropriate for a date to the movies or a night at the theater? What about a dinner date to a pizza restaurant? Because pizza is typically served in a casual atmosphere, you’ll want to dress casual. Pizza restaurants aren’t the best place to sport your best little black dress and new sling backs.

Keep reading to find out what shoes are the best for eating pizza at your favorite pizza restaurant:

For Men

  • LoafersQuality leather loafers go great with your favorite pair of jeans. Brown is a common color for loafers and can be dressed up or down; wear them with your jeans and a casual knit shirt or sporty sweater for a comfortable, relaxed style.
  • Tennis shoes – Tennis shoes or sneakers work with jeans, shorts or casual pants or Khakis. If your tennis shoes look to worn, you may not want to pair them with anything more than a simple and casual ensemble for your night out for pizza. They are comfortable and practical and more than likely they won’t get hurt if you drop a slice on your shoe. That’s because tennis shoes can clean up nicely in the washing machine.
  • Boat shoes – If you like a more preppy casual look, boat shoes are a perfect shoe to pair with jeans and a casual top. They also go great with pizza.

For Women

  • Sandals – Summertime at the local pizza restaurant means shorts, short skirts or a comfy pair of jeans. Be even more cool and comfortable with your favorite pair of sandals. With so many styles of sandals from leather to more dainty designs, anything goes when you wear sandals.
  • Tennis shoes – Tennis shoes aren’t just for guys at a pizza restaurant. Your designer jeans, sporty shorts, even a cute little skirt can be paired with the right pair of tennis shoes.
  • Low-cut boots – Boots and jeans make a nice casual statement. Flat-heeled, mid-calf boots are a perfect boot for jeans. Most boots give you the option to tuck or wear your jeans untucked – that’s up to you with how casual or sporty you want to be with your ensemble.

Pizza is one of the most popular comfort foods of all times and local pizza restaurants are some of the most popular gatherings for relaxing, taking a date, or gathering with friends. When you’re getting ready for your date to a pizza restaurant, remember it is a relaxed atmosphere, so get comfortable before you indulge on your favorite pizza pie.

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