The Quality of Shoes: Expensive and Inexpensive

The Quality of Shoes: Expensive and Inexpensive

The Quality of Shoes: Expensive and Inexpensive

It is said that cheap is expensive. This saying applies to all things including shoes. Expensive shoes are said to be more of an investment that a fortune. This is because the shoes can stay for long regardless of the weather. Some of these shoes can even be used during the rainy and muddy season. This is different when it comes to low quality shoes. Although they are relatively cheap, they do not last for long because they are usually scuffed up by the end of the night. They may have features resembling the other shoes but there is always a default that differentiates them. Apart from those features the price is also a major differentiating factor. The inexpensive shoes are made by different manufactures altogether their quality of shoes is also different.

The cost of shoes in most cases depends with the quality. The high quality shoes tend to be more expensive than the low quality shoes. Men’s shoes are more expensive than women shoes mainly because they are made from expensive products such as leather. Although there are many types o shoes made from leather, the quality is different mainly because of features such as welt and a strip of leather that both the shoe’s upper and sole are stitched on.

Quality shoes are durable therefore the cost on them is worth it as compared to the cheap low quality shoes that do not last for long giving the user the option of buying other shoes within a short period of time. The quality o the shoe depends on the manufacturer and the raw materials used to manufacture. However when buying the shoes one should be very keen to avoid imitations that are made from same products and resemble the original shoes but are fake and last or a short period of time. In addition to this high quality shoes are handmade therefore reducing the risk of manufacturing mistakes since the makers will always take care of sewing quality seams a and also give a quality finishing.

Quality shoes always look good and give one a reason for dressing to impress. This is mainly done by men who want to impress their partners especially during the first date. This creates a good image before the partner other people such as work mates and clients. Creation of first impression is always important.

One of the benefits of good quality shoe is that it creates a positive image in that one looks stylish and good looking. Dressing well and having a low quality pair of shoes is at times a shame and creates a bad impression. Being stylish creates confidence since one is aware that they are smart and can therefore face any client or investors for instance in the company.

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