How Are Shoes Made

How Are Shoes Made

How Are Shoes Made

Shoes are the sorts of items that most people take for granted throughout the course of their daily lives. People just slip into their shoes and move on today, since shoe-making tends to occur thousands of miles from the location where the shoes are actually purchased. The people who are reoccupied with the question ‘how are shoes made?’ live far away. However, it’s a good idea for all people to know how their shoes are made, which can help them understand how to fix their shoes if necessary.

The Parts of a Shoe

Understanding how shoes are made requires an understanding of the parts of a given shoe. The sole is the bottom of a shoe. The insole is the part of the sole that touches the foot, and the outsole is the part of the sole that touches the ground. The midsole is the layer that lies between the two of them, and it has a tendency to absorb a good portion of the shock that occurs over the course of walking. The back of the shoe is the heel portion, which is the part that most people are going to be able to correctly identify. The part of the shoe that holds the shoe together is either called the ‘vamp’ or the ‘upper.’

Different Shoe Making Departments

Different parts of the shoe are made in different parts of a given shoe factory. The upper gets made in the cutting department. In the machining department, all of the parts of the upper, which were made in the cutting department, are going to be fit together properly. Finished uppers then need to be shaped into the form of a foot in the first place. This is done using the plastic shape known as a last. In what is called the lasting and making department, the entire shoe is going to be fitted together. The different pieces become properly attached at this stage, and the shoe becomes whole.

Finally, the finishing department is where the shoe can finally become presentable enough to be sold. Designer shoes and leather shoes are going to be given a particularly solid finish at this stage. The shoes are cleaned, polished, and sprayed at this stage as well. They are then finally packaged and distributed. The people who make shoes by hand are going to go through a similar process when they are putting their new shoes together. However, the factory process makes the job both easier and harder in some ways.

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